Sunday, January 22, 2012

These are some family pictures of my sister's kids. I LOVE the way they turned out!! I love my Nephew and Nieces soooo much; Kailey, Tyler, Megan, Emily and my brothers 3 kids Andrew, Ashley and Kate. They bring me sooo much joy and i love it when they are happy to see me when I go visit them in Salt Lake!!! (Photos by Christel Fuentes)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Julia was baptized on November 5, 2011. It was wonderful day for our family. My mom was able to be there for the baptism and that made it even more special for Julia. She wore a beautiful white dress after she was baptized and she looked so pretty! We had several families from the Chula Vista 1st Ward come and a family from our new ward, the Bonita 1st Ward came as well. After the baptism I joked with Julia to just stand still and not move or say anything and she would still be perfect!

Julia the other day said, "I wish I could get baptized again!"
I said, "Why Julia, so you can be perfect again?"
She said, "No, because of the way I felt!"

Feeling the spirit testify that we are doing the right thing is such a warm peaceful feeling. I am grateful that Julia recognized the spirit and how it made her feel!! I am soo grateful for the Gospel and the blessing it is in my life and particularly in the lives of my children! The world is such a challenging place to guide our way through and how could we possibly ever do it without the Gospel and the guidance of the Holy Ghost!!

Meet my daughter-in-law...Ana Daniella Figueroa Schneemann

This is my daughter-in-law, Dani. She is such a sweet girl! My girls love her sooo much- we all do. She and Patrick are very happy and are doing well. I am going to post more later about the wedding and show pictures. They are expecting a baby boy in April---my first grand child!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Spiderman, Spiderman, if you can't do it, NO one can!!

We got Michael a spiderman costume around Halloween and he lived in it for several days!! He did NOT want to take it off! So Pat helped him scale our house wall...he LoVeD it!! Go spidey!!!

Patrick's 20th Birthday

Patrick turned 20 on October 1. It's hard to believe that he is 20...time goes so quickly. I miss him being little! Patrick has such a beautiful heart and I love him sooo much.

We had a birthday party for him at a local pizza place...Dani made the arrangements and called all of Patrick's friends. He had about 20 friends show up. He had soooo much fun. It had been quite a while since he had seen some of his friends so he really loved it that they showed up! It meant a lot to him...he is sentimental like that. It made me happy to see him happy!

Daniel, Trevor (cousin) and Patrick on left and friends on the right.

Dani and Aubrey

Patrick in his Irish "20" hat that Dani made with some of his friends.

Some of the old gang...Chris, Stevie, ?, Brendan and Patrick.

Patrick's birthday cakes we case you thought we got them from a bakery :)

Bonitafest 2011

In September we have a fun tradition in Bonita called Bonitafest. It's a street fair with booths and fun things for the kids to do. But mostly, it's the first performance of the year for our show choir, The Music Machine. It is very exciting for the kids and exciting for the Bonita community to see what the year will bring for Music Machine. We look forward to it all summer!! This Bonitafest was Emily's last, as she is a senior and it was Daniel's first because he is a freshman. They did a great job and we are very excited to see how well they will do in the spring during the festival (competition) season!!

The "Triplets"-- Emily, Hannah and Emily

The whole group...Emily is left center and Daniel is on the left end.

Daniel on the top left.

Emily- left center.

She's back....

I're thinking, "She's back?? Has the world come to an end??" No, it hasn't...but I am actually going to start blogging again! I finally got my own laptop so I can blog when I want to!! So hopefully, since it has been over a year, you haven't completely given up on me and will periodically check in to see what the Schneemann's are up to. I have quite a bit to catch you up on... so here we go.